Chocolate and Wine

A chocolate and wine pairing is the perfect way to indulge on Valentine’s Day and add a special twist to the traditional box of chocolates! We went to our local Chocolatier, Chocolate Maya in Santa Barbara, for advice about this pairing. Their chocolate truffles are delicious and unique but their suggestions provided us with some general rules to follow:

  • Riesling and white wines pair best with white and milk chocolates
  • Rosé is a good match for sweet and citrus flavors
  • Cabernet Sauvignon and lighter reds pair well with dark chocolate and fruity flavors
  • Merlot and darker reds go well with the darkest chocolates and spices




Be sure to ask your local Chocolatier about their favorite wine and chocolate pairings for Valentine’s Day!

Summer Centerpieces

Gerbera Daisies are the perfect addition to a summer centerpiece. They come in nearly every color and add a bit of sunshine to an ordinary arrangement. We think they look beautiful with the vibrant colors of our Pistachio Table Linens. Here are three ways we have used Gerbera Daisies with our table settings. 





Farmers Market Inspiration

Every time Megan comes to Santa Barbara we make it a point to go to the Farmers Market. It’s not hard to be inspired amidst the aisles of brightly colored produce. The farmers who work the stands create beautiful displays of their harvest.


Recently, strolling through the market, we noticed the perfect rows of lettuce and immediately saw the makings of a centerpiece.



It is so easy to see the colors of the season’s produce translate into the prints and patterns for our table linens.



Pistachio Table captures the fresh, vibrant, and spirited colors of Farmers Markets everywhere.

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Inspiring Images from France

Five years ago, the entire de Roulet family took an amazing trip to France. We stayed in Paris and also visited the Luberon. Here is a small collection of images from that trip that continue to inspire me today!


Potted herbs instead of flowers to decorate a table – displayed in a housewares shop in Paris.


Parisian symmetry.


Dining alfresco at Ousteau de Baumanière.


Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sènaque with the most beautiful lavender fields in the world! I have planted lavender all around my home because ever since this trip – it is my favorite scent!

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 2.02.07 PM

Welcome to Our Blog!



Megan de Roulet, Owner of Pistachio Table

My husband and I have been blessed with three fabulously talented and loving sons. But even luckier yet, they, in turn, chose three fantastic wives! I love them all dearly and was thrilled when Kelly and Julia wanted to join me in writing the Pistachio Blog. Kelly accompanied me on my first trip to India in search of handblock printers, while Julia and I travelled through Italy in search of artisans to make our Signature Wedding Plate and pewter flatware. Come with us on this journey as we explore new ideas and designs that inspire us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Behind the Scenes

Here’s a few behind the scenes shots from our Pistachio Table photo shoot at Julia’s parents home in Ojai, CA. Such a beautiful location to bring out the colors and inspired prints of the table linen collection!

Pictured below is Michael Mantalos, the incredibly talented Master Florist of Louloudi Designs in Santa Barbara, and the genius behind the arrangements for this photo shoot.


Here’s the final product:


Montecito Butter Tablecloth

Our photographer on the window ledge, Seth de Roulet, my husband and Megan’s son. A true family business!


We used candle holders for cut citrus. Brilliant!


Montecito Spa Blue Tablecloth

 Even sitting on the ground these arrangements are stunning!


They are a beautiful complement to our Capri tablecloth:


Capri Tablecloth

Our mini model enjoying the “all you can eat” oranges in the orchard.


See all of the photos and arrangements at for more inspiration and to see our whole collection.

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